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Casio's next-generation HR printing calculators are easy to use, robust and yet portable.  They save you time and money!

The HR-8RC is compact enough to carry in a briefcase or laptop bag.  It is designed to take anywhere. Yet the display is still easy to read and it will take a full size (57mm x 57mm) paper roll. 

Basic Information

  • Product features
    Reprint / After Print function 
    150 steps check
    Currency exchange function 
    2.0 line-ser-second printing

  • Product type
    Compact Type

  • Number of digits
    12 digits

  • Liquid crystal display
    Large display
    Function command signs
    3-digit comma markers

  • Key functions
    Key rollover
    Shift key (▶)
    Sign Change (+/-)

  • Memory
    Independent memory

  • Power supply
    AA and AC adaptor (optional)
    AA x4
    Auto Power Off 

  • Size (D × W × H)
    239 × 102 × 81.6 mm

  • Weight
    345 g

Display Settings

  • Display format settings
    Decimal selector (2/0)
    Rounding selector (F・5/4)
    Reprint / After Print function
    2.0 line-per-second printing

Calculation Functions

  • Basic calculation
    Basic Calculation
    Regular percent (%)
    Profit Margin percent

  • Applied calculation
    150 steps check 
    Currency exchange function