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Casio's HR100RC is a compact 12-digit calculator that offers 2-colour printing. Positive values are shown in black and negative values are shown in red for easy checking.

It allows you to print multiple copies of the calculation history. The HR100RC also features a Clock and Calendar for printing the current time and date. An extra large display makes more data easier to read.

Basic Information

  • Product features
    Line Printing 
    2-colour printing
    Reprint / After Print function 
    Clock & Calendar Function
    Adding machine
    150 steps check
    Currency exchange function 
    2.0 line-ser-second printing

  • Product type
    Adding Machine 
    Compact Type

  • Number of digits
    12 digits

  • Liquid crystal display
    Extra Large display
    Function command signs
    3-digit comma markers

  • Key characteristics
    Plastic keys

  • Key functions
    Key rollover
    Shift key (▶)
    Sign Change (+/-)

  • Memory
    Grand total (G*)
    Independent memory

  • Power supply
    AA and AC adaptor (optional)
    AA x4

  • Size (D × W × H)
    295 × 165 × 64.6 mm

  • Weight
    570 g

Display Settings

  • Display format settings
    Decimal selector (3/2/0/ADD₂)
    Rounding selector (F・5/4)
    Line printing
    2-color printing
    Reprint / After Print function
    Clock & Calendar function
    2.0 line-per-second printing

Calculation Functions

  • Basic calculation
    Basic Calculation
    Regular percent (%)

  • Applied calculation
    150 steps check 
    Currency exchange function
    Item Counter 
    Average calculation