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Casio’s most advanced scientific calculator, approved by NZQA, retaining all the features of the FX82AUPLUSII2 and FX100AUPLUS2 and more, plus it aligns with the Classwiz series with an icon driven Main Menu.

The FX8200AU brings with it a significant increase in functionality and user experience. The addition of statistical distributions, x-y table, complex number calculations and geometry gives the user opportunities to explore more mathematical and statistical concepts.

Owning a FX8200AU also gives access to their own personal online FX8200AU emulator with more additional features and storage space making the calculator an all-round experience for the learning and teaching of mathematics and statistics for both teacher and student. .

The web-based emulator ensures access anytime, anywhere on any device for teacher planning and student engagement.

ClassPad.net ICT app and emulator software, free with the purchase of a fx-8200 AU.

Instructions to download at https://casio.edu.monacocorp.co.nz


  • New app driven high definition, Natural Textbook display with all the basic scientific calculator functionality

  • Over 300 functions

  • Normal and binomial probability calculations

  • Vastly improved statistics interface

  • Tabulate and evaluate functions

  • Vector and Complex number calculations

  • Recurring decimals, output and calculations

  • Exact value output

  • Logarithms

  • GCD & LCM

  • Prime factorisation

  • NZQA Approved for all internal and external exams

  • 5 year warranty