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Powerful, original Financial Consultant features take much of the work out of financial calculations. Perfect for any financial office or workplace where financing is important. 

Basic Information

  • Product features
    Non Graphing

  • Product type
    Non Graphing

  • Number of digits
    10 + 2 digits

  • Key characteristics
    Plastic keys

  • Key functions
    Negative Sign 
    Power Off

  • Memory
    Variables: 7 (A,B,C,D,X.Y,M)
    Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-)
    Answer Memory
    Financial Memory (10types)
    FMEM (function memory)
    Memory Protection
    Reset Function

  • Power supply
    AAAx1 (R03)
    Approximate battery life Main 2 years
    Auto Power Off 

  • Accessories
    Hard Case 

Display Settings

  • Display format settings
    Number Format: Fix
    Number Format: Sci
    Number Format: Norm
    Engineering Notation

Calculation Functions

  • Basic calculation
    Basic Calculation (COMP)
    Basic Calculation
    Bracket Calculation
    Reciprocal Calculation
    Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)
    ⊿% Calculations
    Factorial Function
    Calculation with √ and π
    Rounding Function (Rnd)
    Rounding Function

  • Advanced calculation
    Transcendental number: e

  • Applied calculation
    Continuous Calculation
    Replay Function
    Multi-replay FunctionShortcuts

  • Financial calculation
    Simple Interest Mode
    Compound Interest Mode (Calculation)
    Cash Flow Mode (Calculation)
    Amortization Mode (Calculation)
    Conversion Mode (Calculation)
    Cost/Sell/Margin Mode (Calculation)
    Day Calculation Mode (Calculation)

Functions Features 

  • Basic functions
    Basic Mathematical Functions
    Absolute Value Calculation
    Power Function
    Power Function (Square Root)
    Trigonometric Function
    Inverse Trigonometric Function
    Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
    Exponential Calculation
    Logarithmic Calculation
    Coordinate Conversion
    Combination / Permutation
    Random Number Generation
    Catalog Function

Statistical Functions

  • Statistical data
    List based STAT-data editor

  • Statistical calculation
    Statistics Function
    Basic Statistics