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The new and upgraded FX-82AU PLUS II 2ND EDITION scientific calculator includes a ‘Prime Factorisation’ function. The FX-82AU PLUS II 2ND EDITION incorporates all the features and operations of the existing FX-82AU PLUS II and more.

New features include:

– Redesigned 20% larger keys making for easier reading and pressing.
– New highly visible, easy to press cursor keys and AMO function keys.

Other features include

– Random Integer functions
– Multiple intuitive ways to enter fractions
– List-Based data entry for statistics
– Natural textbook display
– Approved surd and trigonometric calculations
– Coordinate conversion
– Exponential regression of the form abx
– Multi-replay
– Large, easy-to-read dual-line display


5 Year Replacement Warranty

Approved by NZQA for all NCEA & NZ Scholarship Exams

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